Woman ‘gets carried away power washing’ and uncovers garden feature she never knew existed

No matter how closely you inspect a property before you commit to buying, there’s always a few details you don’t notice until the keys have been handed over.

It often means there’s work to be done that you hadn’t budgeted for, but very occasionally it’s a bonus addition – like one lucky man who bought a home only to discover the overgrown garden was hiding a fully functioning swimming pool.

And now another new homeowner has stumbled across a garden feature buried under a thick layer of dirt after attempting to clear away what appeared to be simply a huge patch of mud.

TikTok user Ashleyy_448 racked up more than 5.5 million views after posting a video with the caption: ‘Got a little carried away pressure washing today and found a patio I didn’t even know existed’.

Ashley discovered while attempting to shift some of the mud that there was brickwork hidden beneath, and got to work bringing it back to life, with her loyal German Shepherd helping every step of the way.

As more and more of the patio was exposed, she found it was a mix between brickwork and paving slabs with a stone border, in a huge square area that had previously been written off as muddy ground.

The garden was instantly transformed, breaking it up into a patio area at the front and a lawn at the back, with update videos showing just how much dirt had accumulated on top to leave it hidden.

Viewers were left stunned by the discovery, as one person replied to say: “Whoooaa that’s kind of cool lol it’s like the outdoor equivalent of finding hardwood under the carpet.”

A second joked: “Keep washing and you’ll probably find the rest of the house.”

A third wrote: “Power washer just paid for itself.”

And plenty of people were just glad to see the dog having a good time, with someone else adding: “I like how the dog looks so happy. Like he discovered it.”