Man shares psychological trick that will help stop you from overthinking

Do you spend a lot of time overthinking every little detail in life and worrying about things?

Well, if you need all the frustrating noise in your head to just quieten for a little bit, it turns out there’s actually a very simple way you can do this.

This is according to a communication coach named David JP Phillips, who has garnered over one million followers on TikTok by sharing psychological tips and tricks.

One of his most popular videos is all to do with overthinking and how to overcome it.

In the clip, he says: “Here’s a psychological trick that you won’t believe until you’ve actually tried it and it’s easy, it’s super simple.

“It’s for all of us who ruminate and overthink, it goes like this… Keep your eyeballs still.

“Don’t move them, because you see in order for your brain to think and fetch memories, it needs to move your eyes and as you stop the moving, it won’t be able to do the rumination it usually does.

“This is so powerful it blows people’s minds.

“Try it.”

More than 798,000 people have liked the TikTok video, with it being viewed over five million times.

Thousands have also taken the time to comment, sharing their thoughts and whether or not the trick worked for them.

One person said: “It should never have taken me 37 years to know this!!!”

Another wrote: “All my life I would stare off in the distance and say that it felt ‘good’. I have anxiety disorder, so it must have been self-soothing when I’d stare.”

A third replied: “My mind is blown, it works and it explains why people have trouble looking you in the eye when they tell a new lie.”

Someone else added: “Yes! I am an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist, so not moving the eyes minimizes the bilateral brain processing/thoughts.”