Woman refuses to have another child as her husband refuses to take any leave

A woman has said she is refusing to have any more children because her husband won’t take any time off work – saying it isn’t the ‘norm’ with his employer.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her husband wants to have more children and in an ideal world she would too, but she doesn’t want to take time off work to raise another child.

Having used up all her maternity leave, she wouldn’t get paid to take any more time off – plus they already have one child, so would have to look after the baby around their young child’s schedule.

Now, the woman’s husband has branded her ‘toxic’ due to her decision and walked away from the discussion, but after sharing her story online many people agreed with her.

Taking to Reddit, the woman wrote: “My husband really wants another baby. I do too, but I have zero maternity leave, and he won’t take leave because it’s not the ‘norm’ at his work.

“Plus, I want to be home with the child I birth.

“So, last night I flat out told him that we would only be having a baby if I could be a stay at home mum until Kindergarten this time around.

“Childcare is a nightmare, plus I’d have to balance that and Lo’s school day, and I’m flat out refusing to put myself out like that anymore when he does the bare minimum of childcare.

“He told me I have a toxic attitude about it and walked away. I don’t feel like that’s toxic, but maybe it is?

After she shared her story online, most Reddit users agreed with the woman and said that her partner was selfish.

One said: “I am so sorry that he has you doubting yourself. He is apparently willing to make no sacrifices, while you must get pregnant, give birth, coordinate care for both children while working when you don’t want to.

“But you are the toxic one, hm. Complete and utter bt.”

“Just to be clear” another user added. “It’s reasonable to refuse to get pregnant for literally any reason at all! Like ‘cost of childcare’ and ‘just don’t feel like it’ are both completely valid reasons not to get pregnant!”

And a third person wrote “Not toxic at all! Funny how some people want to proclaim ‘bad attitude’ when faced with any kind of condition setting or negotiation.

“Bravo to you for knowing what conditions you would need to feel supported and successful for number two!”